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Quote of the Week 11/11/13

11 Nov

First of all, Happy Veterans Day to all the servicemen & women out there. Thank you for your service!

This weekend was my final wedding of 2013, and it was so much fun. My mom even came down from Greenville to celebrate Ryan & Becca, and it was just a total blast of a weekend.

The other highlight of my weekend was roasting a whole chicken in my crock pot for the first time. I know that this probably isn’t a major feat for any of you out there, but for me it was kind of a big deal. So this week’s quote is in honor of my newfound chicken roasting superpowers. Enjoy!

“You could probably get through life without knowing how to roast a chicken, but the question is, would you want to?”
–Nigella Lawson

I wish I could make spaghetti look that good.

I wish I could make spaghetti look that good.


Quote of the Week 5/27/13

28 May

What a weekend. I went to Myrtle Beach for the wedding of my amazing and beautiful roommate from my Dubai Study Abroad, Nichole. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach, and the first wedding I’ve ever been in, so it was very special. It was also Memorial Day, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank the many service men and women who’ve given so much for this country.

This week’s quote comes from American author and cartoonist James Thurber, and I think it is a pretty spot-on description of my weekend.

“The most dangerous food is wedding cake ”
–James Thurber

I like how he's rocking the inverted Rogue from X-Men hair do.

I like how he’s rocking the inverted Rogue from X-Men hair do.

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