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Quote of the Week 1/5/14

6 Jan

Holy cow! It’s 2014! My resolution is to be more diligent with updating my blog. It fell off a little bit there at the end of 2013, but I won’t let that trend continue this year! I’ve got a good number of restaurants that I need to write reviews for, AND I’m going to be hosting a special giveaway this week, so be on the look out!

The first quote of the week of 2014 comes from Anthony Bourdain and pretty much describes every meal I’ve had since 12/20/13. Did I mention my other resolution was to lose some weight & get healthier? Wish me luck!

“I lurched away from the table after a few hours feeling like Elvis in Vegas – fat, drugged, and completely out of it.”
–Anthony Bourdain

I love the way that man thinks.

I love the way that man thinks.

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