Quote of the Week 4/15/13

15 Apr

[Update 6:00pm: Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston. Such senseless violence and bloodshed. So glad my Naomi is safe and unscathed. Hoping you and yours are safe as well]

So this weekend was jam-packed for me (but that’s just the way I like it). Saturday morning I had the pleasure of attending my first ever food truck rodeo, and we really went all out. I think there were 9 trucks or so there and I made a point to try something from every one. I think my favorite was Hello, My Name Is BBQ, because they had this amazing Goat Cheese Cheddar Mac and Cheese. It was divine. My mom really liked the chocolate glazed donuts from Diggity Doughnuts. My dad really liked Charleston Festival Foods‘ bratwurst and loaded baked potato fries. And we all really liked the Creole Food Truck‘s gator bites. It was a great experience overall, and I’d love to go to another food truck rodeo in the future!

This week’s quote comes from Greenville, SC native, Tyler Florence and is about how awesome food trucks are. Enjoy!

“I think food trucks are the new answer to American fast food. The idea of raising two or three million dollars and going through red tape to open a restaurant, there’s lots of barriers to success. There’s a really easy jumping place for food trucks. It’s very hip and acceptable for new chefs to open a food truck first.”
–Tyler Florence

Tyler Florence and that baby are making the exact same face. That's kind of creepy.

Tyler Florence and that baby are making the exact same face. That’s kind of creepy.

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