Quote of the Week 10/29/12

29 Oct

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a fun and productive Halloweekend. I know I did! Friday night, Ben and I dressed up as characters from the Disney movie, Brave (not to be confused with Braveheart which, of course, everyone has seen). I was Merida and an Ben was kind of an amalgam of the three suitors from the movie, although, most people just assumed that Ben was William Wallace and kept yelling Braveheart quotes at him. Which he was totally fine with.

And I got a $7 Bow and Arrow set from Walmart, so I’d call that a WIN.

Friday night before all of the Halloween festivities got started, we went to the Mac-Off, a giant macaroni and cheese competition featuring 20+ restaurants from around Charleston. Plus there was live music and entertainment and it was absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be posting about it later this week!

Saturday and Sunday, Ben and I ate our weight in Indian Buffet (since he’s decided he likes indian food now). Saturday we went to Taste of India and Sunday we went to Bombay Bazaar. Both were delicious. I have to say I kind of preferred Bombay, since they brought us our own little basket of Naan, like how mexican restaurants bring you chips to the table. It was awesome. I seriously could eat indian food on the daily.

This week’s quote is Halloween-themed and comes from Lewis Black. I usually don’t find him funny, but I have to say this quote gives me a chuckle. Enjoy!

“The worst thing about Halloween is, of course, candy corn. Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that’s never been advertised. And there’s a reason — all of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911”
–Lewis Black

I probably should have put that quote in all caps, since he LITERALLY SCREAMS EVERYTHING.

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