Passage To India, Salem, MA

20 Sep

While touring Salem like the super tourists we are, we got peckish from all the walking and witchcrafting and decided to stop at an indian restaurant we saw for dinner. It was very yummy. I really liked that they featured some items that I’ve never seen on any other indian restaurant menu. When we first sat down, they gave us that bread that’s like paper that you get at every indian restaurant and the hot onion chutney, which I usually love. This one, however, was pretty much the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten, and it took three glasses of water, and a Sam Adams Boston Lager to put out the fire in my mouth. And even then, my tastebuds were all sensitive and angry.

Like being stung in the tongue by a thousand evil bees from hell.

We started with the Passage Mixed Appetizers plate, which is pretty standard for indian restaurants. This featured vegetable pakora, vegetable samosa, aloo tikki, cheese pakora (my favorite), chicken pakora, meat samosa, chicken kabob, and fish pakora. Although, somehow they ended up replacing the meat samosa with another vegetable samosa, which was kind of a let down. But other than that it was quite yummy. We also got cheese naan which, when done right, is my favorite indian bread. This one wasn’t really that great, which was also disappointing. The best one is india palace in Greenville. I really liked that they did combination plates for people like me who can’t decide what they want. Plus, their combo plate featured basically the three dishes I usually have trouble deciding between: Chicken tikka masala, paneer saag, and lamb curry. It came with rice and poori bread, which is the bread equivalent of a balloon. I loved it, it was so yummy.

Bread balloons are my favorite kind of balloons

I didn’t think I was going to love the lamb, but it was actually perfect. Not fatty at all, and the curry sauce was delicious. I loved the paneer saag, although I have to say that the best saag I’ve ever eaten was at India Palace in Greenville. The chicken tikka masala was pretty delicious, but I would say that’s pretty standard. I’ve never really had tikka masala that I didn’t like. Greg got the Chicken tikka masala at the spiciest level you could get it. Karen got Chicken curry slightly less spicy than Greg’s. Both were waaay too spicy for me.

Now I’m craving Indian food. And no one I know in Charleston likes Indian food. Awesome.

Tina got a chicken dosa, which is one of those things I’ve never heard of before. It was described as a “crispy chicken crepe,” but looked more like an indian burrito. Either way it was very yummy, although I would probably never order it myself. All in all, our meal was delicious.

Indian burrito!

I love indian food. It’s probably my favorite food to eat, after sushi. And Passage to India makes really quality, delicious indian food. TRY IT!

Passage To India
157 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01950

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