Avery Provision Co., Boston, MA

19 Sep

Avery Provision Co is this awesome little specialty food cafe next to Naomi’s dorm. They offer To-go sushi made daily to order, fresh cut deli meats and cheeses, dolmades, falafel and hummus, hard boiled eggs, salads, sandwiches, macaroni and cheese kits, pasta, and sauces, soups, and salads.

Yes. All of it. In my face.

We ordered the prosciutto caprese sandwich and Israeli couscous salad, which was absolutely amazing. That was possibly the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten, which is surprising, considering I don’t usually love prosciutto. The couscous salad was also delicious.

This sandwich was amazing. I don’t even have anything clever to say.

So, if you’re in Boston, somewhere near the Paramount on Washington St. and you want a delicious sandwich, I definitely recommend stopping in and grabbing something delicious from Avery Provision Co. Naomi has no idea how lucky she is to live next to such an amazing little place.

Avery Provision Co.
581 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

Avery Provision Company on Urbanspoon

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