Quote of the Week 9/17/12

17 Sep

Hey everybody! My birthday was last week (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) and my awesome boyfriend bought me a gorgeous sapphire necklace, a fancy three-course dinner, and a kitten. Jewelry, delicious food, a KITTEN…what else could a girl ask for?

Here’s a picture of Ben holding my new kitten. His name is Weasley, because he’s a ginger. And I love him.

Contrary to popular Reddit belief…. Ben is not mexican. Just FYI.

Fezzik still isn’t sure how he feels about this new furball hanging out around the apartment. He’s been hiding in my closet a lot. But they’ve started playing together more and I think Fezzik is starting to tolerate his new lil buddy.

Kitteh! Come out of teh closet! 

Today’s quote is in honor of my super awesome new furry family (Ben is somewhat included in that… not that he would know since he NEVER READS MY BLOG). But, I digress. Enjoy your week! I hope you’re all looking forward to a couple more Boston posts!

“Love me, feed me, never leave me.”
— Garfield


Hopefully they’ll get along better than Garfield and Odie… probably not, though.


2 Responses to “Quote of the Week 9/17/12”

  1. John the Aussie September 18, 2012 at 11:21 PM #

    Happy belated birthday!

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