King Fung Garden, Boston, MA

14 Sep

After moving Naomi into her dorm, we went searching for a delicious Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. We found the King Fung Garden restaurant, and it was amazing. Literally the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten. It’s a hole in the wall. Seriously, there were maybe 5 tables in the entire place. But everything we ordered was amazing. To start we got the scallion pancakes because they were recommended on Yelp. I’ve never had a scallion pancake before, but now I know what I’ve been missing. They were amazing. Greasy, yes…. I mean, it’s chinese food. So. But sooo amazing. We also got the crab rangoons, which were the best I’ve ever eaten. Ever. And I’ve eaten a lot of crab rangoons in my life. We also got some spring rolls, but those really weren’t anything special.

Aunt Karen ordered the General Cau’s (or Tao’s or Cho’s or however it’s spelled. It seems to change restaurant to restaurant) chicken, which was delicious. They definitely made everything to order. Uncle Greg got the Orange chicken and it delicious as well, albeit a bit too spicy for my taste. Mom got the Shanghai Chow Mein, which featured the biggest noodles I’ve ever seen. They were the length of regular noodles, but as thick as French fries. But they were absolutely delicious. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. I ordered the chicken Chow Foon, which was stir-fried flat rice noodles with chicken, sprouts, and onions. It was really, really yummy. I loved everything we ordered.

The only downside was that as we were waiting to pay the bill, a cockroach crawled up the wall right behind my head. Even considering that, I’d definitely still eat there again, no hesitation…although I’d probably get it to-go next time.

King Fung Garden
74 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA 02111

King Fung Garden on Urbanspoon


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