Quote of the Week 9/3/12

3 Sep

Hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled Labor Day weekend! I know I had fun. A little too much fun, in fact. Lauren was in town, so we went a little crazy with the food and drinks. But it was totally worth it. I’m just glad I had an extra day to recover. Hooray for three day weekends!

On Sunday we saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at the historic Dock Street theater downtown, starring our friend Sean Bear. It was really good, although having no A/C in the theater was not very fun, especially since it was a full house and 92 degrees outside. But, I highly recommend seeing it, ’twas very funny!

I spent most of “Labor” Day sleeping and eating. Which was pretty awesome. I slept til one pm, and then got Jack’s Cosmic Dogs with my parents and Cullen (who were in town for a wedding). Then I took a nap. Then Ben and I watched Meet The Robinsons and then I went to sleep. Pretty much it was the perfect day.

I know I owe you guys a Boston Round Up, so expect that to happen later this week! I’m thinking Thursday.

This week’s quote is in honor of Labor Day, and comes from the ever-hilarious Stephen Colbert. Enjoy!

“Have a relaxing LaborDay everybody! Unless you’re catering my BBQ, in which case, stay focused and keep the sangria chilled.”
–Stephen Colbert

Mmm…. tastes like Patriotism.

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