Quote of the Week 7/30/12

2 Aug

So I had quite a busy weekend this past weekend, hence the delay on this week’s quote. So sorry about that. Shay came up on Friday night, and we went to Carrabba’s then came home and drank wine and watched The Muppets. Saturday, we went to the beach and then to Los Arcos for some delicious mexican food. Then we went to the pool in my neighborhood before going home and doing some cardio. Afterwards we showering and got dressed to go to the Drive In Theater in Beaufort, SC, where we saw The Dark Knight Rises (which was awesome) and Ted (which was not).

Sunday, we lounged by the pool, until we were chased out by thunder. We met Sean and Christine (who are staying with me for the week) for dinner before Shay left at Jestine’s where I had some disappointing meatloaf. Usually I get the pecan-crusted fried chicken breast, but I had a hankering for meatloaf. I should have just gotten the chicken (which is awesome, btw). The meatloaf was just really bland and tasted more like hamburger steak than meatloaf. But I love everything else I’ve eaten there, so I can’t complain too much.

So that was my weekend. Wednesday, my mom drove down and joined us for the 2nd annual Get Your Roll On, a Charleston sushi competition that was held at the SC Aquarium. We opted for the $40 VIP tickets, which were an amazing deal, as you got to have any 12 sushi rolls of your choice, unlimited pizza, pork sliders, chicken satay, and thai noodles, as well as a private, open VIP bar. Plus, there was a separate line at each of the Sushi stations for VIPs only, so we didn’t have to wait in any of the lines (Which were outrageously long, by the way). Not being a VIP would have been a total ripoff. Not sure which restaurant ended up winning, but we voted for Station 22 and Local’s Sushi Bar. So hopefully it was one of them, and not Tsunami (whose seafood is mediocre at best).

This week’s quote comes from Mikey Way, the bass player from My Chemical Romance. It’s in honor of all of the sushi I ate last night, and always seem to eat whenever I’m with Sean or Christine or my mother.

“I could eat my body weight in sushi”
–Mikey Way

Which, judging by your skinny jeans, probably isn’t actually that much sushi.

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