Quote(s) of the Week 5/13/12

13 May

So this week is a bit special. I’m posting two quotes, because today happens to be both Mother’s Day and my father’s 52nd birthday. So, first, my mother.

I don’t really do sentimentality, so I’ll keep this brief. My mother is hilarious, aggravating, kind, helpful, insane, and the one person I trust more than anyone in the whole world. She might drive me crazy at times, but I know she’d sacrifice everything to help me if I needed it. This quote pretty much sums her up in a nutshell, which is doubly appropriate, because she’s a total nutcase.

“My mother’s italian…her whole life was dedicated to makin’ food. That’s what my mother did. My mother made food for 50 people. EVERY SINGLE DAY. They weren’t there…. but just in case they came, there was food waitin’ for everybody.”
–Mike Marino

And for every meal. Every day. For my entire life.

I get my sense of humor, my blue eyes, my love of roller coasters, and my propensity to get sunburned in the dark from my crazy Irish father. I’ve had him wrapped around my finger since I was born… Like the time I made him dress up like a girl to be a part of the “play” I wrote. He and my brother are like Rodney Atkins and his son in “He’s Mine.” My friends all refer to him as “Papa Bear,” because he looks like a giant grizzly, but he’s got the temperament of a teddy bear. If you ever need a Monty Python quote, he’s the man to ask. I think this quote pretty much sums up our relationship.

“My father had a profound influence on me. [He’s] a lunatic.”
–Spike Milligan

Yeah, that’s pretty much right.

One Response to “Quote(s) of the Week 5/13/12”

  1. Mom May 13, 2012 at 6:18 PM #

    Life is easy with a beautiful daughter like you in it, My Queenabella. I love you more than words can express. Love, Mom

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