Quote of the Week 5/7/12

7 May

This was a very busy weekend for me. First, Friday, was awesome because it consisted of sushi and sham wow (which is an awesome game that I really recommend you try). I really do need to invest in more ping pong balls so as so stop stealing toys from my cat. I think that probably says something about me, but I’m in no mood to evaluate my life choices.

Saturday was awesome because it was both Cinco de Drinko and A Charleston Affair. During the day, we ran around town trying to find an orange bow tie for Ben (apparently that’s not a common color around here…. this is the one and only time I’ve ever thought to myself “Man, I wish I lived in Clemson”). After we acquired the bow tie, Ben, Lauren, Woodrow, and I went to Blackbeard’s Cove to play a rousing game of putt-putt. Lauren beat the crap out of all of us. I’ve really gotten terrible at putt-putt. Afterwards, we decided that since it was 90 degrees and we were all sweaty and gross, we’d play a game they had called “Water Wars” where you launch water balloons from a sling shot at the opposing team and a huge burst of water would launch up and spray you. You were supposed to be trying to hit a target, but I’m pretty sure the attendants were just randomly hitting a button to splash us, which was fine with me, because it was hot and hella fun.

A Charleston Affair was quite enjoyable. I had a great time making awkward small talk with people I hadn’t seen since graduation (which was a year ago today, btw), so that was…interesting. But I also saw a lot of my Phi Sig friends, which was really fun. Bar hopping afterward was even better because I limited the crowd to people I actually enjoy being around. Also, Journey karaoke, as usually.

Sunday was spent eating hungover biscuits and gravy at The Lost Dog Cafe on Folly (someday I’ll actually go there with the intent of writing a review), where we met up with Bennett and Tommy, who was FINALLY back from Argentina! In the afternoon we went to see The Avengers, which was freaking awesome. Best superhero movie so far. Then Lauren and I played Skip-bo and ate Mellow (#standard) until Game of Thrones came on.

This week’s food quote comes from comedian Craig Kilborn, whom I find occasionally funny. I think this quote was particularly appropriate for the weekend, especially after Trashcans at Chucktown Tavern.

“A telephone survey says that 51 percent of college students drink until they pass out at least once a month. The other 49 percent didn’t answer the phone.”
–Craig Kilborn

I’m not sure he could get anymore caucasian if he tried.


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