Early Bird Diner

29 Oct
I’ve been to Early Bird Diner a few times, and each time it’s been delicious. I feel like calling it a diner is a little bit misleading, as this food is far and beyond anything you’d find at a typical greasy spoon. One of their breakfast items is curried vegetables and eggs. Try and find curry on a menu at some roadside diner. You can’t. I’ve checked.
This is a curry-free establishment.

This is a curry-free establishment.

I usually get the Country Scramble which is eggs, sausage, cheese, and potatoes scrambled together and topped with sausage gravy. It’s amazing. It also comes with toast/biscuit and a choice of one of their sides, of which there are usually 10 plus options to choose from. I like their fruit salad, it’s very fresh, and a good mix of fruit; not just sad pieces of mushy cantaloupe like most places. I wouldn’t recommend the fried green tomatoes (which is rare, as I love fried green tomatoes); they just don’t really taste like anything. But that’s the only thing I have a problem with at Early Bird.

Oh snap, is that Mac and Cheese?!

Last time I went with my dad, he ordered the fried chicken and waffles of the specials menu. The waffles come Belgian style, and they’re almost more savory than they are sweet, even with the maple syrup on top. They’re really good (and this is coming from a girl who doesn’t like Belgian waffles. So that’s really saying something).  The chicken is batter-dipped and fried and topped with their house-made honey mustard. The sweetness of the honey mustard paired with the sweetness of the waffles…I don’t know what it is, but it just works. It’s so good. They fried chicken alone is amazing. Tender, juicy, white meat chicken fried perfectly to perfection. The batter that they use is delicious as well. You should definitely give it a try if it’s on the menu.

Gladys Knight would be proud.

Also, they’re open til 4 am on Friday and Saturday nights, so, if you’re like me and you crave really good, higher quality food at 2 am on a Friday night after the bars close, you’re in luck! We actually went last night after a long night of celebrating. Geoff got a club of some sort and, although he didn’t say whether he liked it or not, there was nothing left on his plate by the time he was finished, which is always a good sign. La got the omelet, which she said was probably one of the best omelets she’s ever had.

This omelet was EGGcelent.

Matty V ordered the pancakes. Only no one warned him that the pancakes are the size of dinner plates and they come out stacked three high. He was only able to eat maybe one of the pancakes before he threw in the towel. So a word of warning: Don’t order the pancakes unless you haven’t eaten in over 36 hours or you’re trying to feed your entire family on a budget. I think Adrian got a sandwich of some kind, but I don’t remember anything of his meal, except for the fact that it came with French fries. I remember that because I kept stealing some when he wasn’t looking. And they’re really good fries. I’ve only ever been there for breakfast, so I can’t recommend anything off the dinner menu YET. But I’ve seen the dinner menu, and it looks delish, and Adrian assures me that it’s good.

In Communist Russia, food reviews you!

 Summary: Breakfast is delicious. Avoid the fried green tomatoes.

Don’t you preach your hippie breakfast mumbo-jumbo at me, sign.

Early Bird Diner
1644 Savannah Highway  Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 277-2353

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