Slightly North of Broad

1 Oct

I dragged Becca with me to SNOB this past week to use a gift card someone had given my mom before it expired. I’d heard really good things about SNOB and I’ve always wanted to try it, so I was super pumped to have someone to go with. It was starting to look like I was going to have to go by myself, and then I would have ended up on that “People Eating Alone” tumblr, and I’m not quite at that stage of hermitude yet (I think I might copyright “hermitude” so that you have to pay me money every time you use it. I always make up the best words).

No cats allowed? In that case, Sydney. Party of one.

No cats allowed? In that case, Sydney. Party of one.

We started with the Curry Butternut Squash Soup, the Prince Edward Island Mussels, and the Tuna Crudo. The soup was amazing, and huge. We were sharing it and still didn’t manage to finish it all (although not for lack of trying). I didn’t care for the mussels. They were really chewy and didn’t really have any flavor. It’s hard to beat my dad’s mussels though, so they had really tough competition to start off with. The Tuna Crudo was really good, too.  Simple yet delicious. It was basically a salad with tuna and arugula, avocado, radish, and this really delicious citrus vinaigrette. Superb. The waitress didn’t even judge us for ordering three appetizers like the guy at Poogan’s Porch (I’ll never go back there again. That guy was such a pretentious jerk). Our waitress at SNOB was not pretentious at all, which was unexpected considering the name of the restaurant (buh dum PSHHH).

“Just bring me one of everything, and no one gets hurt.”

For dinner I got the sautéed duck breast (medium well), with a  confit duck, goat cheese & green pea risotto, carrots, turnips, topped with a  honey thyme reduction. It was, without a doubt, the best duck I’ve ever eaten (don’t tell my Dad). The risotto I could eat for days and days. It was so good. I’m not sure my vocabulary is evolved enough to be able to describe how good it was. Becca got the grilled beef tenderloin, jumbo lump crab cake, béarnaise, green peppercorn sauce. I think it may have come with some potatoes of some sort, but I was too busy obsessing over how good my duck was to notice her food.

LOOK AT THAT DUCK. Sheer perfection.

LOOK AT THAT DUCK. Sheer perfection.

Being the fatties that we are, we of course ordered dessert (and the waitress didn’t even judge us for it, which was nice). I got the apple crisp and Becca got the banana cream pie, which was actually pretty delicious considering the fact that I don’t usually like anything banana flavored or with bananas in it. It was pretty scrum-didli-umptious. All in all it was a pretty freaking delicious dinner.



Summary: Get the duck. Avoid the Mussels. Banana Cream Pie is amazing.

I always have to say the word “Maverick” with a Sarah Palin accent.

Slightly North of Broad
192 East Bay Street
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 723-3424

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