Quote of the Week 1/5/14

6 Jan

Holy cow! It’s 2014! My resolution is to be more diligent with updating my blog. It fell off a little bit there at the end of 2013, but I won’t let that trend continue this year! I’ve got a good number of restaurants that I need to write reviews for, AND I’m going to be hosting a special giveaway this week, so be on the look out!

The first quote of the week of 2014 comes from Anthony Bourdain and pretty much describes every meal I’ve had since 12/20/13. Did I mention my other resolution was to lose some weight & get healthier? Wish me luck!

“I lurched away from the table after a few hours feeling like Elvis in Vegas – fat, drugged, and completely out of it.”
–Anthony Bourdain

I love the way that man thinks.

I love the way that man thinks.

Quote of the Week 12/16/13

19 Dec
A sad waste, indeed.

A sad waste, indeed.

Quote of the Week 12/9/13

10 Dec

How’s everyone doing? I just got back from an AMAZING weekend in NYC with one of my very bestest friends, Christine. I ate some delicious pizza and possibly the best Italian food I’ve ever had in my life. Plus, we got to see Big Fish on Broadway with Naomi, which was spectacular AND get drunch (and then drunk) with Tommy. And did I mention that we did all of that in basically 36 hours? Yeah. It was an unforgettable experience.

This week’s quote is about pizza because I’m a fattie and still dreaming of that thin crust NY pizza I had this weekend. Enjoy!

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.”
–Kevin James

Especially when it's 42 degrees outside.

Especially when it’s 42 degrees outside.

Quote of the Week 12/2/13

2 Dec

Holy crap, it’s December already. How did that happen so fast? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I did!

This week’s quote comes from Robert Brault and is perfect for our post-Thanksgiving food hangover. Enjoy!

“I suppose I will die never knowing what pumpkin pie tastes like when you have room for it.”
–Robert Brault

But I'm kind of okay with that.

But I’m kind of okay with that.

Rutledge Cab Company

22 Nov

I was really excited for Rutledge Cab Company. I really wanted to like it. I mean, how could you go wrong? Chef Bob Carter! Old gas station! Good reviews! Unfortunately, despite the fact that I was desperately hoping to love it, it just didn’t really turn out well.

Yeah, basically this.

Yeah, basically this.

First of all, I’ll go with something positive. The service was spot on. Our waitress was really awesome and very patient with us, and made lots of recommendations (which we ignored). We started with an order of the Chicken Fried Sweetbreads (Alabama white sauce, $11). We were trying to be adventurous since neither of us had had sweetbreads before. I think I would’ve liked them a lot more had they not totally covered it in this overpowering smoked paprika.

Chicken fried sweetbreads

Turns out sweetbreads are neither sweet nor bread.

Our second appetizer was the Fried Cheese Curd (Green goddess-horseradish dressing, $9). Again with the paprika. Seriously. I would’ve loved these if not for that. They weren’t very cheesy flavored as you’d expect because they’re just the curd (I was expecting it to taste like fried white cheddar bites. Definitely did not). The ones that I had that weren’t covered in paprika were delicious.

I mean, fried cheese is going to be good no matter what it's made of.

I mean, fried cheese is going to be good no matter what it’s made of.

For her entree, Tina got the BLT Benedict (Smoked bacon, English muffin, wilted spinach and tomato-bacon hollandaise, $13). She liked it ok, but wasn’t a fan of the hollandaise. I thought it tasted almost licorice-y, which was a really strange combo.

Oh look! The potatoes have some paprika on them in case you hadn't already gotten enough paprika with your paprika.

Oh look! The potatoes have some paprika on them in case you hadn’t already gotten enough paprika with your paprika.

I got the Roasted Lamb Sandwich (Havarti cheese, pickled cabbage and toasted hoagie, $13.50), which I actually really enjoyed. I thought it was really good. My only complaint was that I think they either over toasted the hoagie, or that it was stale before they toasted it. You know how when you over toast bread it gets that same consistency as styrofoam? Not my favorite. But other than that, the sandwich was delicious. The lamb was tender and flavorful, and I loved the pickled cabbage. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fries, which tasted like they’d been batter dipped before they were fried. Which seems kind of unnecessary.

It was almost like a lamb &

It was almost like a lamb & pickled cabbage philly cheesesteak. Delish

Overall we were pretty disappointed. Thinking maybe we just ordered the wrong things, we decided to try one of the things our waitress originally recommended, the Grilled Vegetable Flatbread (Smoked onion aioli, olive tapenade, parmesan and fresh herbs, $9). I thought it was just ok, but then again, I don’t really like olive tapenade. Tina wasn’t into it at all.

And it was just about as delicious as it looks.

And it was just about as delicious as it looks.

The space is super cool, so I wouldn’t mind going just to hang out & drink, but I’m definitely not in a hurry to eat there again.

From the Rutledge Cab Co. website

From the Rutledge Cab Co. website

Rutledge Cab Co.
1300 Rutledge Ave
Charleston, SC ‎
(843) 720-1440

Rutledge Cab Company on Urbanspoon

Quote of the Week 11/18/13

18 Nov

Whoooo! Was that Auburn-Georgia game exciting or what? And Carolina-Florida was pretty intense, too, towards the end. This was definitely a great weekend for college football.

It was also just a really great weekend for me in general. Went to a chicken wing cook off on Friday night, tailgated on Saturday, and then saw Ender’s Game on Sunday! It was a jam-packed weekend, but it was so much fun and that’s just how I like it.

This week’s quote comes from Thomas Keller, and I think it really applies to life. Food just tastes better when people put their heart into cooking it. That’s probably why my mom is such an amazing cook!

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”
–Thomas Keller

This picture makes me want to go put an apron on & cook something. I just want to look that bad ass.

This picture makes me want to go put an apron on & cook something. I just want to look that bad ass.

Quote of the Week 11/11/13

11 Nov

First of all, Happy Veterans Day to all the servicemen & women out there. Thank you for your service!

This weekend was my final wedding of 2013, and it was so much fun. My mom even came down from Greenville to celebrate Ryan & Becca, and it was just a total blast of a weekend.

The other highlight of my weekend was roasting a whole chicken in my crock pot for the first time. I know that this probably isn’t a major feat for any of you out there, but for me it was kind of a big deal. So this week’s quote is in honor of my newfound chicken roasting superpowers. Enjoy!

“You could probably get through life without knowing how to roast a chicken, but the question is, would you want to?”
–Nigella Lawson

I wish I could make spaghetti look that good.

I wish I could make spaghetti look that good.

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